What makes a good raffle website

What makes a good raffle website?

We have put together a few reasons you should choose Rafflebea – we will explain what makes a good raffle website and the features within.

Honesty AND Transparency Make The BEST Raffle Website

If you are looking to purchase tickets to a raffle you must know how many tickets are left in the raffle, how many have been sold and the exact end dates. Here at Rafflebea you get all of that on the raffle pages.

We are also a fully transparent raffle website – we allow other users to converse and post on their own social feeds within Rafflebea – this is the first social raffle website of its kind.

Using our social system you can vote on the upcoming raffles – talk to other users – share your success and wish others luck too.

We aim to be the most transparent raffle company on the web.

Legality is key for a Raffle Website

Here at Rafflebea we are a fully registered limited company, we have been vetted by experienced solicitors to make sure that our systems are fully compliant with the law in the United Kingdom.

Be careful – if you can’t find registration details on a raffle website, there is something wrong.

Here are some basics on UK Raffle Laws – https://www.theukrules.co.uk – No matter what – a website should always be vetted by a gambling law firm.

Great Prizes

We offer great prizes that you would love to win, and also offer a poll system for you to vote on items you would like to see in the future raffles.

Low Odds

We build a lot of our raffles so they are low odds – meaning your likeliness of winning is always high.

Great Staff

Our staff are always on hand should you have any trouble, simply send us a message on facebook, use the chat online or if it’s private email daniel@rafflebea.uk


There a lots of variables that make a great online raffle website – we are constantly evolving and are already ahead of the game in terms of technology. If there is any features you would like to see in the website that is not here currently, please feel free to leave a comment below!

Thanks from us all at the Rafflebea team and good luck! – https://rafflebea.uk

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